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At Flash Back Academy your past does not determine your future. We offer multimedia training, a performance school and vocational training, as well as transitional housing to those who need it most.


Within a year of emancipation 40-50% of foster youth become homeless. Nationally, 50% of the homeless population spent time in foster care. A history of foster care correlates with becoming homeless at an earlier age and remaining homeless for a longer period of time.

Youths aging out of foster care are at high risk for becoming homeless during the transition to adulthood. Between 35% and 56% of our study participants had been homeless at least once by age 24 years. Running away while in foster care, greater placement instability, being male, having a history of physical abuse, engaging in more delinquent behaviors, and having symptoms of a mental health disorder were associated with an increase in the relative risk of becoming homeless.


Ask anyone in child welfare about foster youth aging out of the foster care system and you’re sure to hear about everything from high rates of incarceration, early parenting, homelessness, unemployment and discussion about mental health issues. You will surely be told about the very high rates of homelessness among former foster youth ages 18-25 across the country. In 1995, The National Alliance to End Homelessness commissioned a study to establish whether there were substantial links between foster care and homelessness.


More recent statistics include the following:

• Approximately 400,000 youth are currently in foster care in the United States. Approximately 20,000 of those youth age-out each year without positive familial supports or any family connection at all.

• A history of foster care correlates with becoming homeless at an earlier age and remaining homeless for a longer period of time.

• 65% of youth leaving foster care need immediate housing upon discharge.

• The National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty estimates that 5,000 unaccompanied youth die each year as a result of assault, illness, or suicide.


Foster youth are not, repeat NOT, juvenile delinquents. In fact, youth come into the foster care system because of abuse and/or neglect in the home, or because of the death of their parents when all other suitable guardians from their biological families cannot be located or do not have the resources to care for them. Once in the foster care system, foster youth are placed in homes with complete strangers that sometimes are just as dysfunctional, if not more, than the homes they were removed from. They move from home to home, foster family to foster family, and often from school system to school system, an average of twice a year. Often, they are labeled with a behavioral disorder and prescribed medication upon the slightest of evidence that they may not be easily controlled due to their emotional reactions to being removed from their family. They are almost never allowed to feel and express the pain, frustration and anger associated with being taken from the only “normality” they have ever known. Often, child welfare professionals wait to start asking foster youth about “life skills” until they’ve become teenagers with less than a few years to “age-out” when many have been in foster care multiple times since very young ages.


Flash Back Academy is addressing this epidemic by providing a three prong approach to addressing this issue. 

a) Providing a 2 year housing program in a state of the art safe and caring environment.

b) Vocational training courses in meaningful careers that will lead to a quality life style,

c) Real work experience.


Learn more about our program services and how you can get involved.​

Please note that our program is best suited for those who are about to emancipate or age out of the foster care system. 


June 2021

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, we continue to offer Life Skills Training to our clients remotely.


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June 2021
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