24 Hour Turn around
Testing Now Available

It has been 18+ months since the US and the world first faced the realities of the Covid 19 pandemic.  With roughly 42M cases and over 676K deaths in the U.S. alone, we are far from the end of this state of emergency.  Health experts agree that we need approximately 200M Covid tests monthly in order to re-open schools and keeping them safe. As such, the ability to expand testing capabilities and receive informed results quickly cannot be understated.
Our company, INDY HEALTH LABS, is a well-established independent clinical laboratory. Some of the services we currently provide are (included but not limited to…) to name a few:

-PCR/RT PCR (Covid testing)
-Influenza A and b (Flu testing)
-Antibody testing
-Blood serum testing

We are a high complexity lab ready to tackle everything that comes our way in a Safe, Reliable, and Affordable manor. Our state-of-the-art system includes highly trained tech collections and reporting a system that guarantees results within 24-36 hours.  Our samples are collected at your site or healthcare facilities and overnighted to us. We provide the kits already pre-packaged with biohazard bags, swabs, our requisition forms (for those that are not very familiar with using our online portal), barcodes, FedEx overnight specimen shipping labels, as well as long well-thought out logistical plans set in place to stand behind our guarantees of expedited laboratory service processing. Results are posted within a few hours from the time of delivery. 

Patients, Health Professionals, and even employers, will receive timely notification via our patient portal on the next day.  We believe our process is not only streamlined and accurate, but can help save more lives by getting ahead of potential outbreaks without having to wait 3 -5 days as is done by many larger laboratories. We are very proud of our quick turnarounds and we look forward to serving you.

If there are any questions regarding Covid testing, please reach out to Dr. Allen L. Brown. 

You can also visit our website- indyhealthlabs.com for further information regarding our services.

Whatever your costs are for Covid testing, we are guaranteeing cheaper and more fair pricing for your needs. 

Keeping  You Healthy is Our Priority

24 Hour turn around on most testing

    Flash Back Academy


Our primary focus is on getting our youth and veterans off the streets.

We are looking for legitimate investors and developers.

This can only be accomplished by building Flash Back Academy.

We need your help. 

We need Building materials, construction engineers and volunteers.



Young Inventors 

Through our continued relationship with China we are looking forward to expanding our training to include holographic and robotic entertainment. 

We are hoping to see this start to integrate into our organization as we enter into 2022. Investors are still needed