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We are looking for volunteers to help support our international talent search. Volunteers will be asked to work with celebrity guest, manage contestants, set up decorations and promote the event.
This opportunity is great for Teens, 55+, Groups (any size)

Special Events Team | Flash Back Academy
Virtual Opportunity
This team is responsible for organizing and planning out special events (ex: theatrical performances) for Flash Back Academy. This is an amazing opportunity to gain experience in organizing events.

wHWho's the         Brightest Star on the planet?

Our International Talent Contest is about to begin. If you believe you are the best singer, dancer, or actor in the world, your time to shine is almost here. Come back soon for details on how to register for our exciting global talent search!

      Flash Back Radio Theater
               Coming Soon

After an extended break, we are proud to announce the return of the Flash Back Radio  Once only a show, it is now a station that will be heard in many countries around the world!

Look for announcements regarding upcoming dates and times. Our performances promise to be stimulating and thought-provoking.

Homeless feeding.jpg

Sharing Our Blessing with Others

 Feeding others while we also struggle to keep our doors open is truly a blessing. 

             Young Inventors 

Through our continued relationship with China we are looking forward to expanding our training to include holographic and robotic entertainment. 

Look for some exciting this to happen as we enter

in to 2021. Investors are still needed

    Flash Back Academy


Our primary focus is on getting our youth and veterans off the streets.

We are looking for legitimate investors and developers.

This can only be accomplished by building Flash Back Academy.

We need your help. 

We need Building materials, construction engineers and volunteers.